Liberal Democrats the only viable alternative in East Surrey

10 Dec 2023
Claire Malcomson, Lib Dem Candidate

Labour has admitted what we all knew – they can’t win in East Surrey.

Claire Malcomson the Liberal Democrat candidate says, “Everyone has known for a long time the only opposition to the Conservatives in East Surrey is the Liberal Democrats.”

On the 8th December the Labour Party published its list of non-battleground seats where it knows it can’t win and won’t be putting up a fight.  That list includes East Surrey as well as Reigate and the new Horley and Dorking constituency.

Labour hasn’t won a council seat in East Surrey in 20 plus years and doesn’t have a single seat on Tandridge Council or Reigate and Banstead and doesn’t represent East Surrey on the County Council.

Claire Malcomson continues, “Many life-long Labour voters are pledging to vote Liberal Democrat as the only way to remove this terrible government for good. If elected, I will work hard for all the resid