Claire Malcomson

Claire Malcomson will be East Surrey Lib Dem's candidate for MP at the next general election.


Claire says, "I am super proud to have been chosen to fight for the people of East Surrey.  The Conservatives have taken us for granted for too long, and with their current set of self-inflicted crisis that the Conservatives are causing, I know many local people are crying out for change!"

"I am passionate about the enviroment and fighting the climate crisis. I am shocked and appalled by the Conservatives letting water companies pollute our rivers and streams"

Claire also understands the cost of living crisis, "So many families are struggling, and the government tinkers at the edges while protecting the energy company's profits. Food prices are rising but our farmers can't afford to heat their greenhouses or feed their livestock. None of this was a suprise, but the Conservatives did nothing to help."

"The government's latest culture war and attack on refugees is shocking and disgusting. We have a proud British tradition in helping people and now the Conservatives want to ruin our international reputaion and break international law to appease some racist supporters and newspapers. There are sensible and humane solutions to stoping the boats-  just shouting "stop the boats" is not one of them